Friday, March 14, 2008

Lutefisk Sushi C Show

I will be in the Cartoonist Conspiracy's all new Lutefisk Sushi C Show May 2nd.

Great box design by Kevin Cannon:

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I did the design for the box 2 years ago and you can see that design and animations based on it HERE.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Andy Singer and Me at the 2008 Mpls Auto Show

From the Pioneer Press:

Auto Show

Ken Avidor and Andy Singer may be the only people who got to the Minneapolis & St. Paul International Auto Show on bicycles.

"I have this thing with arriving at transportation things with a vehicle," said Avidor, a 52-year-old transit and bicycling advocate and cartoonist from Minneapolis.

Despite frigid temperatures, he turned down our offer of a lift Friday to the Minneapolis Convention Center to preview the nine-day car show, which opens today.

"Mainly, I hate being in a car," Avidor said. "It's a canned experience."

"All this space, and there's no bike stand," he muttered as he and Singer wheeled away from the front doors of the convention center to look for a pole to lock their bikes.

"The formaldehyde new car smell," said Singer as we walked into the convention center's biggest event, a half-million square feet of exhibit space covered with gleaming sheet metal.

Singer, a 42-year-old cartoonist from St. Paul, doesn't own a car.

But like Avidor, he knows a surprising amount about them, or at least how to draw them. His book, "CARtoons," is a critical look at the social and environmental impact of the automobile on society.

Avidor's "Roadkill Bill" comic looks at "cars, technology and philosophy from a viewpoint of a frequently squashed rodent." His graphic novel "Bicyclopolis" depicts a car-less "post-petroleum" future of 2076 populated by descendants of bike messengers and Civil War re-enactors.

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