Monday, August 02, 2010

Bicyclopolis: Cifiscape vol. I, The Twin Cities

Onyx Neon:

Cifiscape vol. I, The Twin Cities

by Ken Avidor, Brian Garrity, Toianna Gump, Max Hrabal, Bob Lipski, Ken Lubold & Aaron Wilson

The community comes together, to narrate their hopes and fears of our future in the Twin Cities. Cifiscape vol. I describes a diverse and gritty future for our beloved Metro. Including seven of the best Twin Cities short stories and graphic comics, Onyx Neon Press is proud to present these glimpses into the future of the Twin Cities.

Coming fall 2010

I have a ten-page journal-ized version of Bicyclopolis in the book (preview page below). I have resumed work on the graphic novel version of Bicyclopolis (stay tuned).

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